Kibaale Rural Development Foundation


Together we can make it.

Marginalized groups

Women, orphans,youth,elderly and the disabled are the various categories of marginalized people in the community from where we operate. To make matters worse most of these people live below the poverty line with no or little income if any. They lack access to medical care, education and most go for dayy without or just a meal a day. Kirudef intends to mobilise others to join them in the effort of setting up centers for the marginalized especially orphans and the elderly to provide for them. Train women and youth in resource mobilization to embark on income generating activities to be financially empowered. In partnership with with Kibaale district community social services ,kirudef also sensitizes the marginalized groups on their human rights to arm them against discrimination unawares. Kirudef furthermore advocates to have basic health and education services extended to such vulnerable and marginalized groups. Financially Kirudef is nowadays extending soft loans to groups so as enable them invest in business activities to earn some income to support them.