Kibaale Rural Development Foundation


Together we can make it.

KIRUDEF has plans of setting up three health centre II's in Kasimbi, Kabasekende and Kisaalizi to boost the health sector. We intend to come up with a proper garbage collection and disposal program in all trading centers of Buyanja county to prevent disease spread as well as protecting the environment. KIRUDEF intends to put in more effort in sensitising the people on proper hygiene, HIV/AIDS control, immunisation programs and malaria control. As such, the organisation shall distribute mosquito nets We intend to reduce on the rate of Infant mortality and ante-natal deaths.

In the field of water and sanitation, we intend to extend the supply of safe and clean water to communities who have no access to it in form of spring protection, shallow wells and small scale rural growth center water supply in areas of Kitutu, Kabasekende and Kasimbi.

We intend to expand and upgarade St. Joseph Community Nursery and Primary School and KIRUDEF Vocational Training Center by building more structures and providing more and better teaching and learning tools. To cater for the increasing number of pupil's who have completed primary level, we have plans of setting up a standard secondary school in Kikonge- Kibaale Town Council. For the orphans and vulnerable children, we intend to set up and operate an Orphanage Center in line with the laws of uganda and provide for them education requirements and basic neccessitie s of life like food , shelter, accomodation and health services.

There are prospects of setting up a Community Center housing a public library, computer training center and internet cafe, conference rooms and theater basically to facilitate reasearch, community mobilisation and holding of various functions.The center will as well act as the headquaters of opreations as such requires installment of solar power and computers.

We intend to come up with a Solar Power Access Program for the community in that solar equipment like panels are sold to those who feel eligible on a hire purchase basis or co-funding operation as ameasure of conserving the environment and enabling the people access a convinient source of power.