Kibaale Rural Development Foundation


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Environmental Protection

KIRUDEF by all means tries to protect the environment and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which otherwise would contribute to global warming. In that effort, tree nursery beds have been established as serve as sources of seedlings to the community especially to those living on hillsides that lack ample vegetative cover and are also susceptible to soil erosion on top of beautifying the environment which also acts as booster the component of Eco-tourism.

Objectives for undertaking initiative in environmental protection

  • To sensitive the community on the importance of environmental protection with emphasis on afforestation, and re-afforestation dissuading them against deforestation and charcoal burning.
  • To introduce other sources of energy other than wood fuel(especially charcoal) to the community .
  • To introduce solar stoves to the community as well as educate them on how to use and maintain them.
  • To introduce solar energy as a new source of energy for lighting, cooking as well as powering electric equipment which is environmentally friendly.
  • To boost household revenue through utilizing wood products when the planted trees mature in form of lumbering activity.
  • To also establish forestry as an alternative economic activity.