Kibaale Rural Development Foundation


Together we can make it.


Education being a means of transferring civilization KIRUDEF is putting hand into investing in the sector. in the mean time initiative has been put into infant education/elementary education and vocational training with prospect of embarking on secondary education as longer as resources can allow.


This undertaking was undertaken relying on recommendation made by a survey carried out by KIKUDEF in 2008 in Kyebando-sub-county,Buyanja,Kibaale district..

The major objectives were:

  • To educate the orphans and vulnerable children(OVC) found in the community
  • to promote girl child education in the District
  • To reduce the number of OVC
  • to give a ray of hope to the ovc such that they are encouraged to work hard and not despair with hope of integrating the disadvantaged ovc in national building in the current trends.
Given the above objectives and the prevalent poverty levels in the community, KIRUDEF started ST. Joseph Community Nursery and Primary School at Kisalizi ,Kyebando sub-county,Buyanja county , Kibaale District. This was aimed at introducing at least elementary primary education .however given the rural mindset of most students, majority drop out before completing primary seven. The students still face a challenge of walking long distances to school, inadequate scholastic material like books and pens as well as hunger while at school. The school was started in 2008 with an enrollment of 60 pupils which number has increased to 215.We hope the numbers to double by 2015.its worht noting that the school has classes up to primary four due to lack of ample facilities to go up to primary seven. The school is housed in semi-permanent structures which we intend to improve as we receive donations from various charitable parties. On this note KIRUDEF is calling upon all good Samaritans world over to support us in an effort in saving the orphans and vulnerable children financially, moraly, voluntary work or otherwise for the organisation has limited resource at its disposal relative to the work before hand.

Vocational training Center

The KIRUDEF Vocational training center is located in the rural Kisaalizi Trading center, Kyebando sub-county, Buyanja, Kibaale District. Started in 2009, the vocational center has nine members on its board of governors. The purpose of the center is to offers hand craft skills to the many jobless youth in the community who otherwise become a menace in the society. We basically target school drop outs especially young girls who marginalized and at times married off in oblivion and not sure of their livelihood.

The institute trains in the following skills:

  • tailoring and cutting
  • brick laying and concrete practice
  • knitting and weaving
  • carpentry and joinery
  • cosmetology
the training takes a period of one year and for the start at graduation , the graduands a given a token of a tool kit to use in the field. We are grateful to partners such as Twam, work aid, tools for solidarity and tools for self reliance from the UK for their undying support to the institute and call upon others to join us in this struggle.