Kibaale Rural Development Foundation


Together we can make it.


In the health sector the KIRUDEF works towards achieving the following objectives:

  • To train the communities at household level on proper hygiene and good sanitation.
  • To control malaria spread by provision of mosquito nets to individuals.
  • To sensitize the communities on the dangers and prevention of the HIV/AIDS scourge.
  • To set up health center to cater for pregnant women, infants and the elderly.
  • To train care givers in the community especially to provide for orphans.
  • To improve on sanitation by constructing community latrines and protecting water sources.
The measure of success shall be reduction on levels of malaria, HIV prevalence levels and waterborne diseases as well Ante natal related mortality plus infant mortality.Infections related to poor hygiene and sanitation are expected to reduce as evidence of success of the undertakings by KIRUDEF in the health sector.

Water and sanitation

KIRUDEF is involved in the effort of providing clean and safe water to the rural communities.In the local community safe water is relatively unaccessible since the sources of water are very far from homesteads and few are safe for human consumption. In a bid to protect the community, KIRUDEF has ventured in protecting water springs, providing shallow wells and small scale rural growth center water supply. On top of that, KIRUDEF has come with a project of constructing rain water catchment tanks for people who have iron sheet roofed houses. All this is in a bid to make clean and safe water readily available to the people to combat diseases like cholera, bilharzia and diarrhea among others.


40% percent of households in Uganda lack a toilet/latrine and in rural areas particularly the percentage is up to about 67% where most vulnerable people like women and children reside. They are thus vulnerable to diseases and poor health. As a result they spend an average of 50,000 Uganda shillings on medical bill per month yet they rely on subsistence income less than 30,000 Uganda shillings monthly. Since it is a hectic task KIRUDEF works in partnership with local NGOs in the local communities to sensitise the locals on proper sanitary practices in homes like boiling drinking water, constructing safe latrines, sleeping under mosquito nets among others.But it is worthnoting that for this undertaking KIRUDEF is understaffed and has insufficient funds to register credible success.